Tuesday, January 30, 2007

America's Debt Diet

Oops! I forgot to write about this one!

Well, lemme say this- Jean Chatzky is cute.

And she's got money.

Seems like a good catch to me!

But seriously folks, as helpful as this show is, all the advice was about STRETCHING your current income, or lowering your lifestyle- NO ONE WAS TALKING ABOUT CREATING MORE MONEY!!

Sure, a couple of people took new JOBS, but that doesn't make you RICHER- it makes you TIRED.

No one was advised to try to start a part-time business, or an internet business, write a book, consult with your expertise, sell cookies- whatever!

Speaking of cookies- Those "Smart cookies" looked pretty DAMN tasty to me!

I'm really glad that when the couples got their money together, that their marriages got better too- it's like money is the energy of choice, and if your partner is making choices behind your back, that's just beggig for trouble.

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