Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gary Zukav on Relationships

5 words that describe my marriage?


Whew- made it over that hurdle- but really, is there a word missing? Yes.

Pornographically filthy.

I'm working on that one... and I have a feeling most guys are too.
Let me know how that's going.


Can Gary Zukav be any MORE "out there"? Did ANYONE know what the hell he's talking about? I've actually read "Seat of the Soul", and I had to put it down- I almost NEVER do that, but he is so "Airy-fairy", that Oprah had to keep bringing him down to Earth. She had to keep "translating" his jargon into real-people speak.

Wait a sec- he was a green beret?

Look, I get it- having a partnership that helps you "grow" in the direction you want- great.

THAT'S a spiritual partnership, and isn't that great.

"Sheila and Jake" were SO BRAVE to get on TV and say all those things, and they obviously love each other: "I would endure anything to hold on"- they were both TERRIFIED of losing each other, so they hurt each other which does what?

Pushes each other away!

It's so hard to get out of that cycle, and Oprah was SO great by translating and helping them.

But I got a message for Jake:

You pussied out, man!

When Sheila said "I just want him to tell me he loves me", he could have- on National TV in front of women around the world- just turned and said "I love you Sheila"

And BOOM- that wouldda done it.

And even if they DID end up apart, with all the women who saw him do that on Oprah, he'd have had dates for the rest of his life!!!

Lisa and Alistair- She's just fighting so they have something to talk about!

Chris and Lisa- Chris justs wants to get the same attention that the spreadsheets get! Chris isn't interested in a "Spiritual Partnership"- he wants to HAVE FUN!!!

Can you blame him? SPREADSHEETS for MEALS????

So, after all of his "Airy-Fairy"ness, Zukav WAS pretty helpful to each of the couples- WITH OPRAH TRANSLATING. As for the "spiritual partnership"..... meh.

I saw the "After the Show" segment, and I now think he's full of it.
More than that- I think he's a feminized pansy.

A couple asked the question: "How much is enough sex?" and Zukav basically told the man that he was wrong to want more sex than his wife. HE DIDN'T ASK ANY OTHER QUESTION.
Why isn't SHE wrong for wanting LESS sex than her husband?
That's it- done with Zukav.

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