Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Elizabeth Vargas and Can Women Have It All?

Lemme get this straight- Elizabeth Vargas was pregnant, and her co-anchor just got BLOWN UP for following the news.....


If I were her husband, I would have knocked her up TWICE just to keep her home instead of going off to places to get BLOWN UP!

But the question is bigger than her, right? CAN women be mothers and pursue careers at the same time?

Single moms don't have much choice, do they- but:

Are working moms self-centered, wanna-be men, procreators who don't REALLY love their kids?

Are Stay-At-Home moms useless throw-backs with no lives who are holding their gender back and can be replaced by minimum-wage immigrants?

Seems like a no-win situation- Unless you DON'T CARE what other people think.

But I have the solution: DON'T HAVE KIDS!! THAT'S THE SOLUTION!!!!!

Just imagine how COOOOOOL everything would be if there were no kids:

Rap Music wouldn't need those parental advisory stickers!
Disneyworld would be like VEGAS!
Porn would be on BROADCAST TV!

Ok, ok- if you've seen CHILDREN OF MEN, you know that a world with no kids would be DEPRESSING. So, I'm just kidding.

Here's my take:

A Great deal of people are working because they NEED THE MONEY.

If a family doesn't need the money, then have someone stay home- mom or dad.
If you do- then someone has to work, right?

Who knows what's better? There will NEVER be a "right" answer, so YOU must choose what's right for you.


I say we let everyone make their choice, and help them however we can.

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