Tuesday, January 30, 2007

30- Something Women

Wait- Hold-on....

6.3 MILLION Single 30-year-old women?

Sounds like a PARTY to me!!
I tried to explain to my wife that she's being SELFISH by keeping me all to herself, but she wasn't having it.... yet.

"I don't think I'm intimidating"- Oprah basically told her that she seemed "expensive" to keep. I say that she seemed like someone who didn't "need a man" for anything- so what the HELL am I dating you for? Guys like to be a HERO- no one wants to help someone who doesn't want them!

"I deserve better than someone who wouldn't be interested in that"- and that got an APPLAUSE??? An APPLAUSE???
Are you JOKING? With 4 kids, there IS a barrier there- get real! MOST GUYS would NOT be interested in a woman with 4 kids- and not because they're SHALLOW- but because it's a WHOLE LOT of responsibility at once! It's like dating 5 women at once- but not the fun way!

I'm not saying that it's hopeless, just that to look down on a guy who isn't interested in that is UNREALISTIC. Besides, I have a feeling that she EXPECTS that, so it happens anyway.

Husbands like to be IMPORTANT- they like to be #1- and so do wives. If you've got your JOB first, or your KIDS first, or whatever, guess what-it's hard for a guy to see himself there.

How awesome was the interview with the Orthodox Sunni Muslim? I am NOT so excited about religion in general, but it was fascinating to have Oprah ask her questions to educate the rest of us. "Do you believe in God?" "You don't lie, cheat or steal?"

BUT- hold on... Who wants a PERSONAL TRAINER who covers up her body?

How do you know if she's any good if you can't see her body?

Any religion that covers women up is NOT for me!

Speaking of religions that aren't for me:

"We home-school because we want a 'Christ-centered' education"

"What's Two Crosses plus Two Crosses?"


"That's right!"

But hey- that's what they wanna do, I guess!

Now can I just say how BAD I feel for the woman who's having trouble with getting pregnant?

It's not that I feel bad for her trouble, but that she is SO wracked up with guilt about it, and that she is SO angry about it. "My life is about children" she said.

Now look, she's a hottie, sitting there all proper with her crossed legs and everything; I want he to CHILL OUT, and just have a bunch of sex... and videotape it.

I happened to watch the "after the show" episode which was ALL about this woman, and I posted it on my personal blog.

So- you heard it single guys- 6.3 MILLION single women out there- HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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