Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Predator caught, and conjoined twins...

I am a choked-up fool....

yeah, yeah- they caught another predator- good- f*ck him.

But then the TWINS!!!! The TWINS!!!!

What AGONIZING choices- to birth them, to keep them, to separate them-

and they're ok!!!

Ok, so this is the stuff that gets me- I was a snot-nosed, wet-eyed fool.

One sister keeps the liver, and the other will get her mothers'.
But then one of my friends asked "Who gets to keep the vagina?"
But it DID make me wonder.....

and then Patrick and his DAD!!!

What man doesn't admire that DAD??

Did you see him SO PROUD of his son?

"The Future Dr. Schneider" was super-cute with his little accent, and saying "I hope the baby follows in my footsteps"- what footsteps?!?!

Paying it forward- There's nothing like empowering and inspiring people to go for their dreams-
The woman who took the homeless people to "Pursuit of Happyness" had such a great idea.

The other gifts were of course wonderful, but I really believe in teaching people to fish versus giving a fish.

I 'm looking forward to reading "Measure of a Man", despite that I know so very little about Sidney Poitier; I just think he's before my time!

It feels good to say that- it seems like more and more things aren't!

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