Saturday, February 3, 2007

THIS is what I like- Rags to Riches!

Millionaire Mom "Sherry"- Crafty, Cutey, CASH-BABY!!!!

So, she used her cute idea, went to the internet, and started glueing them in her basement. One year later, Their business was bought for 20 MILLION DOLLARS.

Yeah baby.

Now look, there's a BIG difference between selling stuff out of your basement and moving to a 12,000 sq. foot facility, and 3000 retail stores. It's an entirely different skill set, and it was pretty evident that she's learned a lot along the way. As a FAMILY business, their marriage is more likely to last- sorry guys!

Then cutesy grandma Paula Dean came out, sounding like Sherrif Buford T. Justice from Smokey and the Bandit. A broke, single mother of two with AGORAPHOBIA cooks to calm her nerves, and then started selling her sandwiches.

So, we get to watch her cook something, and in one of the funniest Oprah moments, she DROPS THE BOWL into the mixer!

Just as her son was saying "Yeah, I'm nervous- Momma's on OPRAH toda-" and BOOM!!

Sour cream everywhere!

Then we got to watch some skinny chicks in wedding dresses. I admit- I think I like the cocktail dress the most, but only because it WASN'T a wedding dress!

Then there was the Scrap metal chick- "If he can do it, I can do it"

It became a little bit of a bitch session about the men who didn't think she;d make it-

She proved 'em wrong, and aren't we all proud.

Bra clips- Meh.
Round changing pad- Good move
Days Ago- Seems like a good idea, seems like a sad state that we need them!

So now, what's MY woman gonna make to get us rich, huh?
I'll let you know!

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