Monday, March 12, 2007

Parents who can't say no...

That first little girl learned to yell at her mother because her daddy does it.


However, I guess the responsibility for that lies with her, right?


I'm all for parents giving their kids stuff if they earn it somehow- and that means chores, grades, or helping them with 1/2 of the money for somethings they want.

Dr. Robin was saying that evidently the mother was filling the void with the things, and so she was over-compensating by giving them things...

Someone tell my folks that they didn't have enough guilt!

And there DOES come an age where your parents are the LAST thing kids want, and they would GLADLY trade them away for an ipod!

But of course, you wanna watch what you're teaching them, right?

I think a lot of this issue comes from no one knowing what money is, and how we get it. When I first got out of college, I had NO IDEA what to do with money, and it seemed like I was doing EVERYTHING I could to be broke. I don't think we teach our kids about money, and because they have no idea, ramifications can't be seen until they're parents, and then the cycle starts all over again.

Also, it spreads the idea of dependency.

With our society not really maturing until 30 (there are many tv shows and movies about this idea now), it's just become normal. And although it seems like we should be blaming "the parents" for not teaching their kids about taking care of themselves, but if the parents don't know how to either, it seems like a lost cause.


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