Monday, March 12, 2007

My stomach is a walnut, my brain is a keg....

"Addiction transfer"

Trading one addiction for another... ain't that a bitch?

The first woman addicted to being fat, and now she's addicted to being drunk

(and apparently kissing all her girlfriends!).

She never got over some abuse in her past, and so food was helping her cope.

So- here's where MY mind goes- If there are SO many addictions, ie: Food, alcohol, drugs, sex, videogames, tv, shopping, etc.

Do we actually have any REAL motivations?

I mean, do we do EVERYTHING to cover up something else?

I hear that humans are always either moving TOWARDS something, or AWAY from something. If addictions are all in avoidance of feeling bad, then where are our addictions for feeling good?

Are they the "good ones" like going to the gym, or eating NON-addictively?

I doubt it. I think they are probably bad too.

So, it seems like your only choice is to live CONSCIOUSLY, and make your choices FOR yourself.

But then you gotta SEE when your subconscious is making choices that you don't like, and then maybe DECIDE to get addicted to things you DO want.

So, here's to my addiction to getting RICH!!!

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