Thursday, March 8, 2007

Gay Wives break out!

Great, so women who discover they are gay are now breaking free of their marriages, and going off to be with women.

Good for them.

However, had this Oprah ben about gay MEN who leave their wives, I'm not so sure that the audience would have been so supportive. I think FAR more people would have been sympathetic towards the wives who lost their husbands, and I think that sucks.

Even Oprah talked about the "Down-Low" society like it was a pariah, and those are men who are NOT leaving their wives, or for that matter not even wanting to be gay- they just want some hassle-free sex!

So I've heard....

So is gay something you DO, or something you ARE?

YOU are the only one who can decide whether you ARE gay or not, and I'm glad that they said that. Many women can go and play around with other women without being stamped "GAY", but it just doesn't work like that with men.

If you're a man and you DO anything Gay, then you ARE Gay.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again- in the debate over whether or not Homosexuality is Nature or Nurture, the entire question is just looking to assign BLAME.

If it's Nurture, and you "decide" to be Gay, then we can blame the person, and string him up for his or her "immorality"

If it's Nature, and you're "Born like that", then we can blame God, and no one would DARE say God did something wrong, so we'd have to figure it out from there. It does, however open the door for pedophiles to say they are "born like that", or whoever doing whatever.

HOWEVER, if we just decided that there was nothing wrong with being gay to begin with, then there'd be no reason to ask, and furthermore, people would be FREE to BE what they wanted and DO what they wanted- as long as no one else is hurt-

Which is what this country is supposed to be about anyway.

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