Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Denzel Washington' book- all about mentors

This episode is all about mentors and people who intervene to help young people who need help. It was really inspiring, but first, let me tell you one thing:

Yes, I'm JEALOUS of Denzel Washington.

It's not that I want to take anything from him- that's different- I think it's really just the SCREAMING women, freaking out and crying... it seems neat-o!

Oh yeah- and the career; but I'm not dead yet, right?

So evidently, we should be praying for "our children and our children's children."

That works? Why didn't someone tell my grandparents?

But that's not what this episode was really about.

It's about the answer to the question:

How am I helping?
How can I affect the future?
Can I affect it by affecting the next generation?

So, the next time I see a kid (and aren't we ALL still kids?)- I'm going to encourage them as much as I can-

I hope you can do the same!