Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Older women talking about getting older...

I was prepared to be BORED TO DEATH with this episode:

"Oh, women are so smarta,d aging is easy"

But instead, we got some FRANK discussions, some GREAT Jokes from Nora Ephron, and watching Oprah be the YOUNG woman!

Diahann Carol's care-free attitude was great to watch- she even had the GUTS to take OFF the earrings that Oprah gave her, AND say that she BELIEVED in plastic surgery.

Now THAT'S guts! To say that you believe in plastic surgery on OPRAH? GUTS baby!

And Gina Davis.... hmm.. the last time she was there, they were celebrating the "REVOLUTIONARY" show- "Commander-in-chief". WHAT A BOMB!!! I notice that no one even MENTIONED it!

Hey look guys, I'm glad I saw this episode, if only so that I know that when my woman starts getting older, I can say "Hey- I watched that Oprah episode!"

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