Thursday, February 22, 2007

Your BEST LIFE Diet...

50% Body Fat? Wow.

That means that 50% of your body does NOTHING.

Is it that our MINDS are doing nothing? Are we ALL so unhappy?

While a majority of us are obese, anorexia is also on the rise.

Does that make sense? Are we all so "Body image" crazy that we either go one way or the other?

It CAN'T be all about our bodies-
We all kinda agree that anorexics are sad about something, and that's why they don't eat.
Also, each of the participants had some sadness inside, and it's apparently showing itself as fat. Oprah said that there were things she had to work out before she could really start to win the fight (by the way, she IS still fat- why is she talking like she's not?).

Why are we all so unhappy?
If obesity is unhappiness, and MOST OF AMERICA is overweight, and we are the most advanced country in the world, what's the problem?

I admit that I've been looking at myself in the mirror a lot lately (wanting to stay cute!), and when all of these people showed their old pictures, they WERE healthy and thin. So what changed?

I think we need to be vigilant about our happiness, and to guard it. Maybe as small decisions make you sad, they make the bigger ones easier. It can be a slippery slope.

That's it- stay happy!

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