Friday, February 23, 2007

Oscar Hype....

There is a well-known tactic in Holywood that has to do with "Ending Amnesia" and here's what it is:

If the last 15 minutes of a movie are good, the audience will forget the drudgery of the previous hour and a half.

Little Miss Sunshine is one of those movies.

It is a classic indie film, in that it is like digging through dirt. You dig, and dig, and dig, and then you find a gem. There are DEFINITELY a few gems as you watch, but it is mostly dirt. And then the end is very possibly one of the best endings, and it seems like the entire movie is based around this one joke at the end.

And it will give you the "Ending Amnesia".

Don't think so? Watch the film, but turn it off before she does her final dance, and tell me what you think. Then watch the end, and you will see how different you feel.

With that being said, I'm glad it was made, and I am happy for Greg Kinnear and everyone else in it. I just felt like I should educate you on that tactic.

As for "Hide and Go get", we used to play "Run, Catch, Kiss", where you did exactly that.

The girls would chase the boys, and if they caught you, you had to kiss them.
It took a YEAR before I figured out that I should let myself get caught.
But then again, I think I was stirring the pot of anticipation....

Anyway, once all the boys had been caught, it was the girls' time to run.

Don't we STILL play that game?

See you after the oscars!

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