Saturday, February 17, 2007


I don't always catch the "After the Show", but this one warranted it...

"I'm available to more good than I've ever experienced, realized, or imagined before"

But what I want to talk about is this quote:

"The easiest way to get something is when you don't need it"

-Ain't THAT the truth!! The feelings of "neediness" and "Desperation" always drive away what you want. Now, we've heard all about the people who NEEDED soemthing so badly, they worked hard to get it- but those people aren't in the "needy" feeling; they are DOING something about it, and their faith is in the WINNING, not in the desperation of "maybe losing".

I guess.

The way it hit home for me was that when you are broke, and owe money, the bank WON'T lend you any. The time to borrow money is when you DON'T need it. Then the banks trip over themselves to give it to you, don't they? I now get so many credit card applications in the mail it's silly, but when I have needed cash, it's near impossible to borrow it.

I guess it's the same with other things and the Universe. If I am "needing" an audition, I have tended to blow it. In fact, I just booked an industrial that I didn't even really want, and so I joked around the whole time. But when I've had one that I KNEW was going to be "it", I have choked, or someone else got it, or whatever.

So, I robbed myself of enjoying the audition because I "needed" it.

Even with Laura sometimes I get all needy, and want to be told how great I am, and that she loves me, and all that; and I can see how it turns her off.

Even though I AM great!! :-)

So why ROB ourselves of the enjoyment of NOW just because we THINK we "need" something?

Enjoy NOW- and be open to other stuff. It'll come when you don't NEED it.

and THEN you can bitch and moan and say "HEY UNIVERSE!!- I could have USED it before!!!"

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