Monday, February 19, 2007

Tidy, Glam, and OCD!!!

WOWZA- what partays this guy throws!!! Holy CRAP!

Is it me, or did that party at the Met Opera House have a bunch of Black men dressed as Genies walking around.... and they were the only black people there, right? Ok...

I guess that was part of the theme.

Anyhow- Colin has some OCD goin' on there with his cabinets and his closets- but DAMN THEY LOOK GOOD!!!!

I need to get rich because I could hear my own mind: "That's ridiculous- they spent all that on a wedding?"

I evidently still need to grow my wealth mind- AMEN!!

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Anonymous said...

I love Colin Cowie! he has taught me how to live better and how to enlist radical editing when it comes to cleaning out my closets; if you haven't worn a article of clothing for six months to a year give it away. Also, when you buy something new give the old away.
In a nutshell, his axiom for being a gracious host or hostess and grateful party goer or gift recipient is always say thank you and truly show people you love them.
For reference listen to James Taylor's "Shower the People"...sing along with it to learn the words and then sing it acapella like you are Christina Aguilera or Chris Brown to bring it up to date!
I decided long ago to live better and love better. I'm particular about my wines, chocolates, friends laughter, music, theatre and films etc.
I only partake of the best and share and give the best. If my wallet can't build the foundation under my "sky castle" aspirations I let my love and appreciation make up for the difference.
So I say this to encourage you and to let you know that I am in agreement with you for having more love, peace,wealth, health, laughter, success, and better sex.