Friday, February 16, 2007

The Secret- The Reaction!!!

Ok, so I am REALLY glad that THE SECRET is getting all of this attention; I have been recommending it, and MAKING people watch it, and I keep hearing how much people like it.

Please get yourself a copy.

Even if you've seen it- the producers DESERVE to make money for making it. I would like to make a bunch of jokes here, but truthfully, I just really like this topic, and these episodes. Here are some quotes:

"Thanks FOR GIVING me that experience"
"The Universe doesn't care what you WANT, but cares about what you're INTERESTED in"
"Being FOR something as opposed to being AGAINST something"
"Mediocrity attacks excellence"
"Anytime you get fired, you should say thank you"

Here's my whole take on this SECRET- don't let it blow your mind too much:

If TIME is really all an illusion, and
If ALL possibilities of EVERYTHING exist, and
If your MIND attracts certain things and circumstances to you,
Then here's what I think:

Your MIND chooses between the different realities- every second.

So, the YOU who opened this blog, is different than the you who is reading this.
At the time you opened it, REALITY split, and the YOU who is reading this now,
In another reality, that you is reading about something TOTALLY different.

Get that? Weird- what do YOU think?

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