Monday, February 26, 2007

Post-Oscar Party!

Not an particulary IMPORTANT show, but two quotes I MUST comment on:

"I started going to the reviews"
When Ellen Degeneres started getting nervous, she had to start VISUALIZING the reviews in her mind- the reviews she WANTED to see, the reviews that didn't exist yet.
That was powerful for me. I hope it was for you too.


"Look at what God can do"

Said by Jennifer Hudson about her winning the Oscar.
"what God can do?"


So if GOD did that, then not only did God also DENY the other nominees, but it also puts QUITE a limitation of God!

I mean, did she think it was BEYOND God's abilities?

"Look what God can do"- Wow- very good God- this is MUCH harder than creating the Universe!

It amazes me how much power we give God, and then how little we actually think of IT.

And oh yeah-

I think I'd mess around with Helen Mirren.

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