Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oprah's Leadership Academy



When I see people who are actually DOING something, I wonder what the hell is wrong with me that I'm whining and bitching about.... NOTHING!!!

"Oooh- I'm not an Oscar winner"
"Oooh- why am I not a millionaire yet?"
"Where is Playboy with my invitation to move in?"

And then there are people who actually HAVE something to bitch about are just fighting and going forward, scratching for an opportunity, and Oprah making it possible.

I want to make things POSSIBLE for people.

And you can't do that when you're broke.
You can't do it when you aren't taking care of yourself first.

In the airplane emergencies, they tell you to put the mask on your OWN face first,
so that you can THEN take care of others.

This special was so wonderful- ANOTHER reason to let Oprah inspire me.

I hope it did the same for you.

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