Monday, January 22, 2007

A Mish-Mosh Show...

So, Oprah opened up her Leadership Academy For Girls in South Africa- how awesome is THAT? I hear that some people are mad that she did that out there instead of opening one here in America.

Those people are morons.

Actually, more to the point, those people want Oprah to do for THEM instead of doing for who OPRAH wants to do for- to those people I say- Shut up, stop begging, and open your own damn school.

Also, Forrest Whitaker talked about winning the Golden Globe. He was cool- Shifty eye and everything!

Simon Cowell is awesome- he just tells it as he sees it, and I have never had a problem with him. He's now created a slew of reality shows, and the people are eating them up- good for him!
Everytime I see a new "contestant show", they try to make one of the judges an asshole- but that's NOT what he's doing. He's just telling it as HE sees it- and in my opinion, he's right.

In "Jenna's American Sex Star Search"- or whatever it's called (Let's just say "American Sex Idol"), they have Ed Powers there being mean, but that's just an act. That's dumb.

Next, Felicity Huffman was there promoting her new book- ANOTHER book about how men should cater and beg for women.... at least, that's what I heard!
She says we should be more like boyfriends..... I dunno about you, but "being a boyfriend" means keeping my options open! Hell, if I knew that she wanted a BOYFRIEND instead of a husband, I'd sure as HELL not wear my wedding ring at the gym! But I guess it's too late, I'm already in love with my wife..... damn.

Speaking of in love, Eva Longoria is a SUPER-CUTEY!
Felicity says all the guys were drooling all over Eva, and not paying attention to her,

Then came Rachel Roy with her trench coat and lisp.... I dunno which one was more distracting, but it's a good thing she was pretty- and the clothes were pretty too-
that skinny blonde came out like 4 times, and the older woman with the grey hair had a little SWING in her step- all right GMILF!!!

That's right, I said it.

So, we'd all like to work at Google- great. ANOTHER reason to suckle at their teet!

Next time- Kidnapped kids... I have a feeling I'm gonna break down on THAT one....

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