Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bob Greene's Best Life...

ANOTHER Weight loss show...

You might think that I didn't bother watching it, but I did-

I wanted to know what ELSE I couldn't eat this year- but I was glad to see that I already don't eat the top ten worst foods, so.... there- done.

BUT- I watched it because I REALLY wanted to see what the "new" bodies looked like.

I have to admit, I like the "train wreck" part of these shows, where you see just how HUGE some of the women are, and then when they come out looking all cute, you KNOW that they're suddenly looking for some sex... I'm just saying- they probably are.

I would!

The short one was super-cute- the one who lost 137 pounds (ok, ok, so now she needs a little dental work), and one of them came out showing off her arms just sending out the signal:

"Now that I'm thin, I wanna get some"

That's the point of these weight loss shows, right?

Get thin, and get some action- now THAT'S a "Best Life"!!!

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