Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kid as Parents...

What kind of opinion can I have about this other than- whoa.

Sounds tough.

I imagine that sometimes life just deals you some cards;
The girl who kept her family together made that choice, and did what she had to do.

The boy taking care of his deaf mother might have a few issues when he grows up.
I'm sorry, but it seemed like maybe his mother could get by without him a little better than she does.

It just seemed like that to me.

The drugged out mom looked like she was still affected, so let me say this:


3 years sober, and the poor woman couldn't sit still or talk right.

She is affected FOR LIFE.

Every few years there's a "new drug" that starts out just "cool", and then oops- this is actually harmful, and then lives get destroyed- I guess it's those "early adopters" that find out before the rest of us.

Get the hint- so far, NONE of them works long-term!

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